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If you are planning to come to France and want information about the Covid-19 (coronavirus), check here for the latest information.

  • General information : the situation in France

  • Nationwide measures :
    From 7pm on Saturday 3 April, and for a period of 4 weeks:
    - No daytime travel beyond 10 km without a reasonable excuse or except for business or work purposes (upon presentation of a travel declaration form) after the end of the Easter weekend;
    - The curfew remains in force at 7pm (until 6am) throughout mainland France.
    - All inter-regional travel is prohibited after Monday 5 April, except with a reasonable excuse, including family reasons, for example, to accompany a child to a parent's home;
    - French nationals living abroad may return to France, and travel for cross-border workers is permitted.
    Concerning the shops allowed to open: only those selling essential goods and services will be authorised to open - including bookshops, record shops, DIY shops, plant and flower shops, hairdressers, cobblers, chocolate shops, car dealerships, real estate viewings - in order to limit contacts in enclosed spaces.
    Cultural activities:
    The activities, establishments and facilities that are currently closed will remain closed for the next few weeks. This applies to cinemas, theatres, concert halls, sports and leisure facilities. It also applies to bars and restaurants.
    International travel and travel in the French Overseas Territories:
    Given the risk of the spread of variant strains of Covid-19, since Sunday 31 January, all entry into and exit from France to or from a country outside the European Union will be prohibited without a reasonable excuse.
    Entry into France, including from the European Union, will be subject to the presentation of a negative PCR test.
    Travel to the French Overseas Territories will only be allowed with a reasonable excuse.

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