France, a land of eco-responsible events

France, the world's leading tourist destination, is committed to the future and the planet, and offers you a diverse range of high-quality, sustainable events.

By holding your business events, conventions, or exhibitions in France, you are picking an exceptional location with a low environmental impact. Blue, white, and green!

France, which hosted the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015, is actively working on energy and environmental transitions in all sectors of activity. Its goal is to become Europe's first major carbon-free economy by 2050. We host your international business events in accordance with the highest standards of sustainable development and corporate social and environmental responsibility thanks to our commitment, capacity for innovation, and virtuous practices.

Your event in France: experience French sustainability

What if you chose France to host your environmentally friendly event? Our cities and towns, which are becoming more inclusive, open, innovative, and environmentally conscious, are eager to support your initiatives.
You will receive advice and personal support for the organisation of green and environmentally friendly events at the convention offices of each destination:

Provision of tools for an environmentally friendly event, including guidelines, best practises, a to-do list, and a check-list;

● Selection and contact with environmentally conscious service providers in our region: professional conference organisers (PCOs), event venues, accommodation, restoration and catering services, and so on;

Environmentally friendly activities and incentives for your participants, including a wide range of solidarity challenges and team-building activities, as well as exploration of our natural and cultural heritage to combine authenticity, learning, and interaction;

● Urban and interurban public transportation, electrically assisted bicycles, walks and pedestrian paths... are examples of soft and active mobility solutions;

Definition of the social, environmental, or economic heritage best suited to your event and industry. Finally, our event performance calculator allows you to create and share an environmental report on your professional event to demonstrate your CSR approach to your partners.


A diverse range of environmentally responsible venues
Convention and exhibition centres, conference halls, hotels, museums, historical monuments, and even unusual venues...
France has a plethora of renovated and modernised locations adapted to your events to ensure a high environmental performance. These commitments take the form of :

Environmental impact of each site is measured and managed: carbon footprint, energy footprint, participant commuting, certifications/labels (ISO 20121, ISO 14001...);

Buildings with high energy performance and measures to reduce water and energy consumption: automatic thermostat adjustment in meeting rooms, intelligent programming of power cuts based on event time, on-site renewable energy production;

Eco-friendly local supplier and craftsman network: caterers offering local organically grown food products, agro-tourism, and environmentally friendly lodging;

Waste prevention and management within the context of a circular economy, both during and after the event: selective sorting, waste recovery, and material reuse;

Actions in favour of biodiversity: green spaces, installation of beehives and nesting boxes on numerous sites. You have the will, we have the know-how: we can work together to organise your professional event, convention, or exhibition in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


Focus Paris 2024: Sustainable development at the heart of the Olympic Games
We are determined to host Olympic Games that are environmentally responsible. The Olympic Village will be transformed into an eco-neighborhood after the Games to accommodate permanent residents, and the three Olympic pools will be inherited by the city to support swimming initiation. Paris 2024 is also relying on innovative solutions to ensure the use of renewable energy, the circular economy, sustainable food, collective and clean mobility, economical water management, biodiversity preservation, and the rational use of digital technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the Olympic Games.


Did you know?
France is the country with the most ISO 20121 standardised enterprises 
6 French cities are listed in the GDS-Index (Global Destination Sustainability Index): Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Marseille.